Senin, 19 Februari 2018

Future Tense Go to The Movie

Asti : "Hello, wid do you know what a new movie this week?"
Widya :" Maybe, Black Panther."
Asti  : "Will you go to the movie tomorrow with me?"
Widya :" ahh... sorry I can't Asti , because I will finish my geography project with my group."
Asti : "So when you can go to the movie with me?"
Widya : "hmm.. maybe next day I can go to the movie with you."
Asti : "After school, we go to the movie okay?"
Widya : "Okay Asti."

Minggu, 04 Februari 2018

The question of Bali Province

1. What the capital of Bali ?
 A. Badung     C. Denpasar
 B. Gianyar     D.Karangasem

2. Who the governor of Bali now ?
A. I Made Mangku Pastika      C. I Gusti Ayu Mas Sumatri
B. Anak Agung Bagus Suteja  D. Putu Agus Suradnyana

3. What the traditional dance most famous in Bali ?
A. Kecak     C. Tor-tor
B. Serimpi   D. Saman

4. What the majority of religion in Bali ?
A. Christian   C.Hindu
B. Buddha      D.Islam

5. What food unique famous in Bali ?
A. Tempoyak   C.Coto
B. Gudeg         D. Ayam Betutu

Minggu, 14 Januari 2018

My Last Holiday

                                                                      My Last Holiday

During my holiday i'm not going anywhere , but as long as i was in the house, i help work at home like sweep the floor, wash dishes, washing clothes, and help my mom cooking. If i feel bored i listen to music, reading novel, watching youtube or TV. 

Two days before the school, me and my mom have a plan for cycling. We went cycling to Arcamanik Sport Centre. Arcamanik Sport Centre is place a sports centre complete for the success of the event National Sport Week (PON) XIX held in the West Java in 2016 ago. Arcamanik Sport centre facilities to place sports like football and athletic, gymnastic, field volleyball indoor and sand, pitch softball or baseball.

Me and my mom cycling for 4 hours, and after that we go back to home. Before we go home, my mom want to buy corn to the market for burned tonight when new year's Eve. and in the night toward new year we immediately to burned the corn in front our home and we eat corn together on the Eve year

Selasa, 07 November 2017

Short Story (The Giving Tree)

                         Generic Stucture
                          Language Feature          
Once upon a time in a village, there was an old man named Jerry.  He hadn’t seen his son for few years and wanted to meet his son who lived in a city.  He started his journey and came to a city where his son used to work and stay.  He went to the place from where he used to get letters long back.  When he knocked the door he was excited and smiled with joy to meet his son.  Unfortunately, someone else opened the door.  Jerry asked, “I suppose Thomas should be staying in this place.”  The person said, “No! He had left the place and shifted to a different location.” Jerry was disappointed and just thinking how to meet his son.

He started to walk in the street and the neighbors asked Jerry, “Are you looking for Thomas?” Jerry responded by nodding his head. The neighbors gave the present address and office address of Thomas to the Jerry. Jerry thanked them and started towards the path which will lead to his son.  Jerry went to the office and asked at the reception counter, “Could you please tell me the location of Thomas, in this office?” The receptionist asked, “May I know how you are related to him?” Jerry responded politely by saying, “I’m his father.” The receptionist said, Jerry to wait for a moment and rang up to Thomas and conveyed the same. Thomas was shocked and told the receptionist to send his father to the cabin immediately.

Jerry entered the cabin and when he saw Thomas, his eyes were filled with tears. Thomas was happy to see his father. They had a simple conversation for a while and then Jerry asked Thomas, “Son! Mom wants to see you. Can you Come home with me?”

Thomas responded, “No father. I can’t come. I am very busy working for my success and it’s hard to manage a leave to visit as my hands are full with loads of stressful work .”  Jerry gave a simple smile and said, “Okay! You may do your work. I’ll be going back to our village today evening.”  Thomas asked, “You can stay for few days with me. Please.”  Jerry responded after a moment of silence, “Son. You are busy with your tasks. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or become a burden for you.” Continued, “I hope if ever had a chance to meet you again, I would be happy.” He left the place.

After a few weeks, Thomas wondered why his father came alone after a long time, he felt bad for treating his father in a weird manner.  He felt guilty for it and took a leave in office for few days and went to his village to meet his father.  When he went to the place where he was born and grew up, he saw that his parents were not there.  He was shocked and asked the neighbors, “What happened here? My parents have to be there. Where are they now?”  The neighbors gave the address of the place where his parents are staying.

Thomas rushed to the place and noticed that the place was like a graveyard. Thomas eyes were filled with tears and started to walk slowly towards the place.  His father Jerry noticed Thomas in a far distance and waved his hand to draw his attention.  Thomas saw his father and started to run and hugged him.

Jerry asked, “How are you?” and continued, “What a surprise to see you here.  I didn’t expect that you would be coming to this place.”  Thomas felt ashamed and kept his head down.  Jerry said, “Why are you feeling bad.  Has anything wrong happened?”  Thomas responded, “No father” continued, “It’s just I never knew that I would be seeing you in this position in our village.”

Jerry smiled and said, “I had taken a loan when you moved to a city for your college to pay for your education, then again when you wanted a new car,  but due to a loss in farming, I couldn’t repay the loan. So I thought of approaching you for a help, but you were very busy and stressed with your work.  I just didn’t want to burden you with this problem and remained silent and I had to let go of our home to repay the loan.”

Thomas whispered, “You could’ve told me. I’m not an outsider.”  Jerry turned around and said, “You were very busy and stressed with your work which made me remain quiet.  All we wanted was your happiness. So I kept quiet.”

Thomas started to cry and hugged his father again.  He apologized to his father and asked to forgive him for his mistake.  Jerry smiled and said, “No need for that.  I’m happy with what I got now.  All I want is that you spare some time for us, we love you very much and at this old age it’s hard to travel to see you often.”


      1. Who are the participants in the story ?
          A.Thomas and Jerry
          B.Thomas and Receptionist
          C.Jerry and Neighboors
          D.Thomas and Friends

2. What relationship between Jerry and Thomas ?
A. Friendship           B. Sibling
C. Father and Son   D. Couple

3. Where is the setting when Jerry ask Thomas to come home with him ?
A. Village   B.Graveyard   C. Rice Field  D. Thomas’s Office

4.What did Thomas do when his father ask him to go home with his father ?
A. He got ready to go home with his father                                                                                      
B. He told his father that he was busy, because a lot of work in his office                                          
C. He ignored his father                                                                                                                    
D. He just gave some money for his father go to home

5.How about the setting ?
A. Sad    B. Confusing   C.Scary   D.Strained

6.What is the Orientation of this story ?
A. Jerry started his journey and came to a city where his son used to work and stay.                                
B. jerry started his journey to the city to find a job for the needs of his family in the village                   
C. jerry go to the city to find a house
D. Jerry go to the city to find his lost son

7. What is the purpose of Jerry meet Thomas ?
 A. To offer merchandise to Thomas                                                                                                             
B.For a job interview to become an employees at Thomas office                                                               
C. he approaching Thomas for a help, because he couldn't repay the loan                                                   
D. To borrow money to Thomas.

8. What the complication in this story ?
A. Jerry orders Thomas to go home because his mother is sickly and very worried about                 thomas,  but thomas ignores his father and refuses to go home.                                                                                            
 B. Jerry came to the office to collect his debts Thomas, but thomas told the receptionist to say that thomas was not in the office.                                                                                                   
C. Jerry was angry to Thomas, because his family falling poor due to Thomas needs.                                    
D. When Jerry approaching Thomas  for a help, Thomas can’t help him because to many work of Thomas office and Jerry just didn’t want to burden you with this problem and remained silent.

9. What the ending in this story ?
A. Jerry is not to forgive Thomas mistake, because it has become a rebellious child                            
B. Thomas started to cry and hugged his father again.  He apologized to his father and asked to forgive him for his mistake.                                                                                                       
C. Both parents thomas died of falling poor due and he feel sorry for what he has done.                    
D. Thomas pays all his father's debts

10. What is the moral value ?
A.When you find a path of success in your life, carry on but don’t leave your parents behind as they are the true reason of your success.                                                                                      
B.If we are successful we should feel proud because it is the result of our own efforts and not come from others                                                                                                                                
C. Should the parents do not have to laboriously give the needs of their children because the child will not remember with our struggle and goodness                                                                        
D. If we are successful and already have a job, we do not have to worry too much about parents who are in the village because they can certainly take care of themselves and can meet their life needs

Minggu, 15 Oktober 2017

Rachnandyaguna (Class work contest)

On 9th september 2017 SMAN 3 Bandung held a class work competition followed by 10 and 11th grade. This competition is a mural competition with the theme of folklore. The contest is held to support the cultural festival event which will be held on 30 september 2017.

In this contest we practiced brush and colored paint for additional later. in this contest is provided post that each post give the colored paint we need,

, and if we want to get the paint we have to follow the terms that have been determined, like we have to follow the game or we have to sing the local song.

 in following this contest each class must determine what image will be used for the mural later. and my class chooses to draw Cepot and Barong that will be one in our class mural. Why did we choose Cepot and Barong? because he is one of the characters of puppets and is the mascot of wayang art in West Java and because the poster cover of the gathapraya cultural festival is also Cepot, therefore we chose it to be used as the image for the mural. and Barong is one of the arts and is the characteristic of bali. and in the mural we make the body half of the body from Cepot on the left and half of the body from the Barong on the right  and we added a building that became the characteristic of West Java and Bali, namely Gedung Sate and one of the temples in Bali.

Because Indonesia has many arts and cultures in each region so from that, we unify the arts of western Java and Bali because of the theme of the cultural festival itself for the diversity of cultures that exist in Indonesia, although different art from 2 places but we put it together in a work of murals our classin this contest will be chosen the winner, and if according to the mural jury is good, the mural will be displayed at the gathapraya cultural festival. it turns out our class has not had a chance to win, but we are not discouraged and keep our friendship and effort in producing a class work.

Minggu, 01 Oktober 2017

student's Leadership Basic Training 2017


        Student's Leadership Basic Training is one of SMAN 3 Bandung program which is often implemented in semester 1 for 10th grader. This promram is required for 10th graders. This program aims to train the base and grow the character to become a leader in the future. In September 2017 I attended the program which was held for 3 days in Pussenif W.R. Supratman Street, Sukamaju, Cibeunying Kidul, Sukamaju, Cibeunying Kidul, Bandung.

       The day before we all left, we were ordered to gather in the school hall for information we had to bring to carry out the activity. The coach also told us to bring such items, toiletries, school uniforms, prayer tools and the Qur'an and much more. and we were required to arrive there at 6.30 am.

       There we were nurtured by soldiers and given materials and learning for basic leadership exercises. there we are taught to discipline, such as doing something quickly and swiftly, and when we eat we are taught to be orderly with a firm sitting, and not leaving food that has been given. in that activity we have to be ready in every way, like the first day we were there, we were awakened in the middle of the night by shouting the coaches also with the noisy siren sound, it was the most panic thing we ever felt in the activity. we hurried to get up very quickly and put on the clothes they ordered, and then we were ordered to gather in the field.

       Although this activity made us all to be always ready and tense because it was our first experience of being trained by a soldier, but we must always be happy and happy in doing the activity. Because the coaches give us the spirit as they give the singing and we sing together.

       There we were also taught how to line-march properly. in the hot sun we learn lines to march up.

       This activity is very useful for us because this activity trains us to be a disciplined person, obedient, and become a useful person for the future.

Rabu, 27 September 2017

The Amazing Structure (Pisa Tower)

   Leaning Tower of Pisa

                                                      The Leaning Tower of Pisa SB.jpeg

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa, known worldwide for its unintended tilt. The tower is situated behind the Pisa Cathedral and is the third oldest structure in the city's Cathedral Square, after the cathedral and the Pisa Baptistry. A 2001 study seems to indicate Diotisalvi was the original architect, due to the time of construction and affinity with other Diotisalvi works, notably the bell tower of San Nicola and the Baptistery, both in Pisa.

The height of the tower is 55.86 meters (183.27 feet). The wall width is basically 2.44 m (8 feet 0.06 inches). Its weight is estimated to reach 14,500 metric tons (16,000 short tons). The Tower of Pisa has 294 steps. The result of Diotisalvi 2001 is the original architect, due to construction time and affinity with other Diotisalvi works, bell tower towers of San Nicola and Baptistery, in Pisa.

The construction of the Tower of Pisa was carried out in three stages over a period of 200 years. The construction of the first floor of a rocky white marble campanile began on 9 August 1173. The first floor is surrounded by a pillar with classic letters, which leads tilted to the arches of the blinds. Actually, the Leaning Tower should have stood as high as 55 feet, but since the Leaning Tower of Pisa was built on an unstable soil, the Tower was eventually tilted from a straight line of 5 meters.

After a phase (1990-2001) of structural strengthening, [11] the tower is currently undergoing gradual surface restoration, in order to repair visible damage, mostly corrosion and blackening. These are particularly pronounced due to the tower's age and its exposure to wind and rain.

Reference :

Minggu, 17 September 2017

My activity on Saturday (World Turnament)

On Saturday, August 26, i could not attend the WTTF event in my school because i was sick, because erlier on Friday i exercised a 12 minute run with 7 around the field. After that i feel tired and sick. After i got home i immediately took a rest because i felt pain. The next day my feet still hurt and my condition has not improved so i can't attend the WTTF event in my school.

During me at home, i rested. to get rid of my boredom. i watch movies on my laptop and after that i'm doing my homework. after i feel better, my mom need help for cleaning the house.

Future Tense Go to The Movie

Asti : "Hello, wid do you know what a new movie this week?" Widya :" Maybe, Black Panther." Asti  : "Will you go ...