Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017

Our Plan

Asti :      Hello guys! how are you?
Vira:       I'm feeling so happy today.
Widya:   What's going on with you Vira?
Vira:       Oh no, Widya long time no see you
Widya:   Yupp, i'm little but busy recently
Asti:       What's up? did you get so much homework from your English teacher?
Widya:    That's it, you're right!
Vira:       Ohhh come on Widya...I think we need holiday, after her final examination, I'm going to go to Kuta Beach.   Would you like to join with me?
Asti:       How about me Vir?
Vira:       No problem, you may join us if you want.
Asti:       It's cool
Vira:       Yes, this is very good idea if we have the same plan. I mean if we go to go Kuta Beach, I will    booking the tickets tomorrow.
Widya:   Nice plain guys! actually, I have to check my money first, I'm afraid that my saving isn't enough .
Asti:       Yeah after school i will also check my internet banking to unsyre my money is enough.
Vira:       Heyyy guys don't worry! you don't worry! you don't need to pay anything my father gave me a special gift at my last birthday.
Widya:   Asti? am i dreaming now? do you feel what i feel?
Asti:      Ohhh thankyou very much Vira.
Widya:   By the way, are you totally serious?
Vira:      Yes i'm so serious! ok let's go to Kuta Beach!!! i wanna take the picture there.
Asti and Widya: Let's go!!!!

Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

Introduction Coversation

One day two people meet in the wedding party, but they never met before. and they introduce themselves.

Widya          : "Hello, what's your name?"
Shaleemar    : "Hi, My name is Shaleemar, and you?"
Widya          : "My name is Widya"
Shaleemar    : "Where do you live ?"
Widya           : "I live at Mawar Street number 3, and you?"
Shaleemar    : "I live at Melati Street number 10."
Widya           : "Are you coming alone Shaleemar?"
Shaleemar    : "No i didn't come alone, i was with my friend."
Widya          : " Where are they?"
Shaleemar    : "Maybe they go for a drink"
Widya          : " Uh ok, what do you think about this wedding party?"
Shaleemar    : " I think the decoration is unique and good."
Widya          : " I think same, because i like all about garden party theme things ,like this wedding          party."
Shaleemar   : "Ok nice to meet you Widya, i hope we can meet again."
Widya          : "Ok nice to meet you too Shaleemar, Bye."
Shaleemar    : "Bye."

Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

This is me

This is Me 

Hello ! ,I want introduce myself. My name is Widya Diandara, You can call me Widya. I was born in Bandung 1 December 2001. I live at Cingised street, I live with my parent. There are 4 persons in my family. There are is my father, my mother, my grandma, and i.

I went to kartika elementary school, and after I finished the elementary school I’m be a student in Islamic junior high school. And after one semester,I moved to 2 junior high school , finally now I’m be a student in 3 senior high school.

I have one experience in my elementary school is when i was in 5 grade in my elementary school. I'm join angklung extra-curricular, and angklung extra-curricular in my school is selected to be a part of event at the museum confersation asian african. in the museum, our angklung appearance is seen by ambassadors from various countries. and i'm so proud to be a part of the performance in such a great event.

 My life is so funny, because i have 6 closest friend. i was met them in 8 grade in junior high school. We started close since field trip to Bali, since there we are always together. Until now we still taking the time to met, because now we are all not one school again, but just 2 friends between us who one school again. If we have free time, we usually eat together or watching in the cinema.

            I have any hobby like drawing, travelling, watching youtube, listening music, and lately my hobby is photography. When i was in 3rd grade, i started to like art things..and then i tried to draw it myself, because no one are people closest to me can't teach me how to drawing..finally i tried it myself. and i started to join drawing extraculicullar. since then i like drawing until now.
            Lately, i like photography..everytime i travel, i'm always looking what a good things for to take picture..and i tried to post on my instagram.I was doing my hobby everytime is listening music, because I’m very love all about music things since I was in 5 grade. I’m doing my hobby, listening music when I feel so bored.

 The activity that i do everyday is waking up early morning for go to school and i'm go to the bath and i wearing a uniform school. i go to school by a car at 5.25 am.  when it arrived at school i was studying until the afternoon. then i'm going home. in my home i doing my homework, and after finished my homework i have dinner or watching TV. and i started to sleep at 9.00 am.
that's all everything about me, thank you.                                                                                                                                                              

Our Plan

Asti :      Hello guys! how are you? Vira:       I'm feeling so happy today. Widya:   What's going on with you Vira? Vira:       ...